3 Reasons You NEED a Property Manager (spoiler alert…it should be Peake)

Author works for Peake Management, Inc.


1. You Want to Find Good Tenants

Sure, there are countless avenues for homeowners to explore these days in hopes of finding tenants for their rental (thank you internet), but how do you know if you are finding the RIGHT tenant and where do you begin on processing an application?

Peake Management, Inc. has partnered with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Premier to handle the marketing of our managed rentals which provides you access to a real estate firm with excellent training for their agents and broad marketing exposure for all of our listings.  The more exposure your home gets, the more likely you are to draw a qualified prospect.

While we can’t guarantee you the perfect tenant, we can guarantee that we will improve your odds of finding one through our extremely meticulous application process.  We have very strict application guidelines and are always aware of Fair Housing regulations; giving them the utmost priority in the process.   We will present you with all applications for your approval.

Close-up Of Hand Filling Cheque

2. Financial Peace of Mind

You’re not an accountant (or maybe you are and don’t want to be after 5pm…we don’t blame you!).  For a very reasonable management fee, Peake will alleviate the stress of rent collection by providing multiple methods of payment for your tenants and will follow up when payments are not made on time.  No one likes to make those uncomfortable phone calls asking for monies owed…let the property manager do it!

You can look forward to support from Peake when it is time to hold the security deposit and again when it is time to disburse those funds.  Need to pay for a contracting invoice or dispute charges on an invoice?  There’s a property manager for that!

Make filing taxes a breeze with a 1099 statement at year end and monthly online statements that you’ll find easy to read and that provide a complete accounting of the rent received and expenses paid.

We can’t guarantee that your tenants will pay their rent but we can guarantee that we will stay on top of it and will work to keep you informed every step of the way.


3. Maintenance Headaches

Let us set the scene for you…It’s 9:30pm on Tuesday.  The kids have finally fallen off to sleep after the 4th book, 2nd glass of water, an under-the-bed monster check and a bathroom break (or seven).  Memories of the hectic day at work are flashing through your mind as you prepare to shut them down and take 30 minutes to yourself (that’s all you ask for) to unwind and forget you’re a grown up.  You finally find yourself on the couch and the phone rings…it’s your tenants…the basement is actively flooding and you look outside to see it is pouring out (you hadn’t noticed until now).  So much for that 30 minutes, now it’s time to call contractor after contractor only to find they are booked with work due to the storm.  You know the rest…

Let a property manager ease that burden.  Peake is equipped with an after-hours emergency service to handle situations just like this.  And emergencies aren’t the only maintenance issues eating up your personal time.  A dishwasher fails, a roof leaks, a toilet handle needs replacing; all these things occur at inconvenient times and need your attention.  No matter how big or small, each maintenance issue takes time to resolve.  Peake is happy to coordinate with vendors to obtain estimates and follow through to ensure the job is done and done right.  Due to our long standing relationships with many vendors in the area, we can often times work out a very competitive price for the work.

Peake is also there to conduct routine inspections of your property and give your tenants helpful reminders to change their furnace filters, clean gutters, mow the lawn, etc.  We’ll give you guidance when we think it is time to improve areas in your home or just time to do some general maintenance.  We do the worrying for you.  You just give us the “ok”.

Couple visiting realtorTake your life back.  Hire a property manager!  We’ve been doing this for a few decades; we love what we do and we’d love to hear from YOU!  That said, we truly believe that you need to find a property management company that works for your exact needs.  It’s a critical relationship and one you should feel comfortable with.  If you find that Peake Management is not the right fit for you, we are happy to provide you with references of other companies in the area that you may find work better for your needs.

We do hope you’ll call and give us a chance…and RSVP “yes” to that cocktail party because…you have a property manager now!

Written by,  Nicole Campana for Peake Management, Inc.



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