It’s Almost Farmer’s Market Season!! Here is Your One Stop Guide…

Farmer’s markets are the heart of any community where people come together, once a week, to support local farmers and artisans while filling their bags with quality goods.  You’ll often find live music and laughter filling the air as neighbors bump into each other and vendors provide an experience and quality that the grocery store just can’t compete with.  While some markets are available year round, many will open next month for the season.  Below is a list of opening dates for farmer’s markets in and around Arlington, Fairfax , Prince William and Loudoun Counties.  Mark your calendars!

April Opening Date:

Fairfax County

Arlington County                                    Lemon's

Loudoun County

Prince William County Blueberries 2

May Opening Date:

Fairfax County

Arlington County

City of Alexandria

Loudoun County Carrots

Town Of Vienna

Prince William County

Year Round Markets: 

Arlington County Raspberries

Loudoun County

Falls Church City Limits

City of Alexandria

Prince William County

If we missed your favorite farmer’s market, let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

-Nicole Campana for Peake Management






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