“Big Kid” Room Inspiration

Ready to “grow” your little one’s room? Whether you are looking to move from nursery to big kid room or big kid room to bigger kid room, we’ve got your Tuesday inspo!
Take what you like from each and maybe you’ll find something you can really work with in your own update!
Now, if only we could find a way to work some GIANT picture windows into our children’s rooms…
mock up wall in child room interior. Interior scandinavian style. 3d rendering, 3d illustration

We love the simplicity in the black and white and keeping everything low down just makes sense in a room for a 2-6 year old.


Let your books be a show piece and keep them easily accessible to read over and over!

COuch Boy

Older kids will love the lounge/work space…if you’re lucky enough to have the room for it!

Place in the house where children can study

They say light blues help concentration so, what better color theme for your child’s study space?


A floor mattress may not be ideal for everyday sleep but what a perfect reading nook it would make and…bonus…it can also be used for friends when they sleepover!

Black metal bed

This room is EVERYTHING!  We love the way the greens and pinks work together.  The open shelving makes an already gigantic room look even bigger – a great trick to use in a smaller room as well.  Now, if only we had windows the size of Rhode Island….

Let's Go

Such a sweet big kid room!  We love using motivational art in a child’s room.  They are so impressionable so why not keep them inspired everyday?!


Ok, shameless…this is my daughter’s room.  But why not show a realistic room makeover, right?  My favorite piece in this room is her “girl power” wall.  I printed off black and white photos of girls and women doing great things and put them in old frames all painted the same color.  #GirlsCanDoAnything!

Contemporary room for teenager

Love the pops of orange in this room.  The stars & planets decals keep it fresh and fun!

Pink Mountains

A statement wallpaper can really make a huge impact in a small space.  We love this mountain wallpaper!

Designed kids room

Bright colors for a fun mixed use room!  The totes are key here to hide all the clutter.

Sail Boat

This one is a real commitment with the sail boat headboard and the ship lap wall but it delivers!  We love the shelf acting as a partition to a sitting area!

So Very Loved

Sweet feminine touches make this room an easy transition from little girl to big girl.

bedroom for child girl

Keep homework organized with a designated space for supplies and ongoing projects by using a cubby system.  This color combo is great because it allows you to integrate plants to give the room life…if you think they have a chance of surviving that is 😉


For the kid who is always working on something whether Legos, homework or robotics…it’s great to have dual work spaces.   A wall to wall desk system is the perfect way to accomplish this.

mock up wall in child room interior. Interior scandinavian style. 3d rendering, 3d illustration

Could this mural with the sun peeking around a mountain be any cuter!?  We don’t think so!

Super Hero

What dream bedroom is complete without a one stop shop for the last minute super hero wardrobe change?!

mock up wall in child room interior. Interior scandinavian style. 3d rendering, 3d illustration

Love the use of nesting tables in this room and those hanging stars are such an easy to implement statement piece.  A semi-loft bed with curtains underneath is ideal to hide all the clutter or to use as a fun space for your kiddo(s)!

Today is a Gift

The diagonal stripes on the wall give this more traditional set-up a whimsical feel!

We hope you found some inspiration and that you will tackle your little one’s room one weekend soon.  We’d love to see what you come up with!  Send us your pics and tag them with #TakeAPeake and we will feature you on our Instagram page!

-Nicole Campana for Peake Management, Inc.

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